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Ghost of Tsushima Has Difficulty Options, Developer Sucker Punch Reconfirms

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Following on from the gameplay blowout for Ghost of Tsushima, players have been wondering just how tough the game is. In recent interviews, developer Sucker Punch has gone on record saying that combat isn’t easy, and that if you’re not careful, you can be cut down very, very quickly. During the 18 minute State of Play video, we see protagonist Jin dispatch enemies with just one or two slashes — but it’s fair to assume that each attack has to be precise.

Fortunately, it sounds like the PlayStation 4 exclusive is still aiming to accommodate everyone, whether you’re a hardcore samurai enthusiast or not. Speaking to The Washington Post, creative director Jason Connell reconfirms that the game has difficulty options. Indeed, difficulty settings were originally mentioned back in 2018, after the title was first revealed — but it’s nice to know that they haven’t been abandoned.

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