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Poll: Are You Happy with the Way Sony Is Handling the PS5 Reveal?

Patience is a virtue?

Look, you’re sick of hearing about it and we’re sick of writing about it. But it feels like the world of PlayStation is locked in some kind of chronostasis until Sony finally drops the PS5 bomb. Sure, we’ve got The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima coming up soon, and it’s fantastic that the PS4 can still say that it has a potentially amazing summer ahead, but it feels like we’ve been waiting on this fabled PS5 event for an eternity.

The bloody thing was meant to happen all the way back in February, which honestly feels like a lifetime ago at this point. Then it was March. Then it was April. Now it’s maybe late May. Or early June. The bottom line is that no one but Sony really knows when this blowout is happening but it’s gotta be soon, right?

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