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Review: Maneater – Underwater Far Cry Is Fintastic

Get in the sea.

Far Cry’s formula may be feeling a little shallow these days, but Maneater breathes new sealife into the open world collectathon concept by setting its action underwater – and putting you in control of a bloodthirsty shark. This moreish aquatic action RPG is a modern incarnation of PlayStation 2 cult classic Jaws Unleashed, and it’s a budget title with real bite.

The game’s set in the fictional oceans of Port Clovis, and it adopts a fly-on-the-wall documentary format to convey its paper-thin plot. The opening exchanges see your Mummy Shark (do-do-do-dododo) murdered by a bearded baddie named Scaly Pete, and you embark on a quest for revenge against all of mankind.

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