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The Last of Us 2 Voice Actor Explains Deleted Abby Flashback Scene

Firefly connections.

Pretty much every game ever has sequences and story beats that have to be left on the cutting room floor and The Last of Us: Part II is no different. Speaking with Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller as part of the We Have Cool Friends video series, Laura Bailey describes one such scene that didn’t make it into the final game. The voice actor for Abby says that it was a sequence steeped in connections back to the Fireflies.

Bailey says: “Originally in some of the flashback sequences, you were going to see Abby going to the Wolves from the Fireflies. It was never a conscious choice to go to the Wolves, she was at that point an orphan — she was only 15 I think when everything happened. That was where she was sent and was taken under the reign of Isaac. Isaac was a Firefly and a friend of her father so that’s why she went there. That’s why they have the relationship that they do is because he kind of became that fatherly figure to her.”

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